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Welcome to The purpose of this website is to provide resources to trademark owners, domain owners, domain portfolio owners, website developers and anyone else who may need information on the general topic of cybersquatting.

Click to Visit our Sponsor - Internet Law Firm Domain name ownership has changed dramatically over the past ten years for a variety of reasons. Doing business on the web has become an important, if not essential channel for many businesses around the world, and websites are identified with their owners in large part due to the domain name used by the owner. As a result, obtaining a domain name that is closely associated with a business is very important for most ventures.

In addition to identifying the owner of the domain name and the source of goods sold through a domain name, domain names can become brands themselves. Even the most generic and descriptive domain names, like (used on a website selling pet supplies) and (used on a Santa Claus-related website), can become brands due to their use in the marketplace and the meaning consumers attach to these descriptive domain names. As a result, acquiring premiere domain names that contain simple descriptive words and phrases is important for many companies in building their online brand.

A fact that amazes many people is that 25% of all Internet traffic to websites results from so-called, “direct navigation.” In other words, the traffic comes from people typing in a domain name directly into their browser's address field. Many of these domain names typed by users are the names of specific companies, and users want to navigate to the website of those companies. However, millions of searches each day are users typing generic words into their browser, followed by, “.com” (for example, “,” “,” and “”). Domain names containing generic and descriptive words receive millions of Internet visitors each day, comprising a very significant portion of all Internet traffic today.

Another startling facts is that the domain name registration system does not require domain name registrants to conduct any sort of trademark search before registering a domain name. As a result, in a matter of minutes, anyone can register (unlawfully, that is) domain names containing variations of any world-famous trademark imaginable.

The large traffic in the direct navigation market, the race by business owners to obtain domain names to property identify their businesses, and the ability to register domain names without getting trademark clearance, have resulted in many disputes revolving around domain names and trademarks. This website is dedicated to all disputes related to domain names, from cybersquatting, domain name theft, typo-squatting and partnership disputes related to domain names.

We strive to keep this website as up to date as possible, with the timeliest content related to cybersquatting and domain disputes. If there is a topic or specific case that is of interest to you but not covered, please let us know, and we will do our best to update this website.

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